All prints are guaranteed hand painted with watercolours, hand printed, and Made in Florence (Italy). 

By request we can stamp or emboss each print, bearing the wording "Made in Italy" and/or "Made in Florence".

The original series, on ancient made paper, are exclusive article by Florence Prints.

There's no limit to the number of pieces that can be provided for each subject, except for the eventual limited printings proposed on the special offers page.



The different sizes are reported beside each print in two components: the first is the engraving format; the second, between brackets, the paper format. 



The paper used is "100% cotton", the best of the market. As you can see by the photo enlargements it is slightly rough. We also guarantee that works, even framed, will not corrugate and will remain unalterable for a very long time.

When specified we use the ancient made paper described above.

While the cotton paper is industrially made, and its production costs are higher,  the ancient paper is an handicraft product by Florence Prints at lower costs. Therefore the price variations you will notice on the catalogue, even under the same size, mainly depend on the kind of paper used.


Ancient made paper 

The other kind of paper used, instead of the cotton paper, is the 'ancent made' one. In the catalogue it is cleary reported beside each print when it is used.

It's a sole kind of paper that is not to be found at any other firm.

Realized in artisan way by Florence Prints, this paper is learnedly made older in order to assume the characteristics, of colour and thickness, of the original paper used for the engravings of the XVI, XVII and XVIII century.

Each sheet is smooth to the touch and variously ancient made, so as to become an only copy extant.

The manufacture makes prints so similar to the originals printed at the age, that only a professional man can distinguish between them and the really ancient ones.


Original drawings and engraving

In this art prints collection you can find a wide range of original engravings , work by Maestro Virgilio Naldini, and each one is punctually pointed out in the catalogue.

They rove in various subjects: from the "Lady with ermine", pictorial work by Leonardo da Vinci and reproduced by Maestro Virgilio, to english sailing ships or the various subjects representing ancient objects, such as porcelain, cutlery, wine or perfume bottles.



All prints proposed in the catalogue are entirely hand painted with watercolours.

Being handicraft products the combinations of colours are numberless. 

An expert person may hence perceive slight variations of tonality from print to print.

Aniway the prints we send will respect the colouring of the samples listed on the catalogue, obviously with little variations due tho the photographic reproduction.

On request it is possible the use of different colours (for example on a dress or on a flower); simply fill the item 'note' on the order form: the required colour variation will be executed on the prints sent.



The prices of the prints are indicated beside each subject.



Forwarding expenses

The forwarding expenses are the following:

- € 15 for Italy

- € 30 for Europe and Mediterranean basin

- € 45 for USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and Asia

Only for extra large on double sheet prints (size 41,7x35,8 inches):

- € 35 for Italy

- € 55 for Europe

- € 65 for the reste of the world

- The forwarding charges are fixed, they don't depend on the number of prints.




Each forwarding will be accompanied by regular invoice.

The I.V.A. entry (Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto - this tax applies only in Italy), of Florence Prints is 05170740484 and the fiscal code is CRILLN31M60H222B.



For supplies up to 10 pieces, from 11 to 100 and over 100, forwarding is guaranteed within 10, 40 and 60 days respectively, from the date of the order receipt.



The payments can be executed as follows: 

--- Payment with mayor credit card through PayPal

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Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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--- INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER at the following address: 

     Liliana Ciari, Via Tarantelli 62, 50063 FiglineValdarno (Firenze - Italy).

     This kind of payment is not available in all countries: ckick here for the list of the countries where it is available

--- SWIFT, or SWIFT ON LINE. The bank data will be furnished by e-mail. 

     (Attention: bank expenses of swift from countries that don't have euro are in charge of buyers)


Please define in the order form the kind of payment choosed.



Orders are received by the order form or by telephone or by e-mail.

Don't forget to define on the order form the kind of payment you choose.


Special offers

On the special offers page we propose prints already out of manufacture, or that where bought by Florenceprints and that were never reproduced.

The maximum number of pieces available is shown on each single offer.

The price is reduced because these prints are only available till the exhaustion of the stock in hand.




For any explanation please contact Florence Prints:    

Naldini Ciari Liliana

Via Tarantelli 62, 50063 Figline Valdarno - Firenze (Italy)

Tel. e fax 055-8615521

Printed in Florence

Made in Italy